Friday, May 1, 2009

Filth and Loathing..........

Last night, I ventured out of my little house, in my cute little neighborhood,to go on one of my trips to the grocery store (i don't want to mention any names, so let's call it Kroghetto), as I was hunting down specials and yellow tags, I stumbled upon something that will curl your toes! And not in a good way.
My store, which is centrally located between 2 very nice suburbs (Bexley (mine) and Whitehall-look it up, if ya don't believe me), is selling ROTTEN FOOD!!! Thank goodness for my handy dandy Crackberry and its camera because I have photographed the offensive "food" so that these monsters can be exposed! This is not the first time either, my disgusted friends, sad but true.Now I subscribe to the whole "waste not, want not" philosphy, however, even that has limits!
offense#1-Moldy Corn
First off, Corn??? How do we even have corn? Where is this corn from? It can't be local and I'm thinking it can't even be from the good 'ol USA.

offense#2-"Bad Baby" Squash

That's right shoppers; that's "yellow" baby squash.....if BROWN is yellow and squishy means fresh!
And speaking of "FRESH"......
Offense #3-Rancid Bologna

The edge of this bologna is grey people! GREY!!!!

Could all of these be an oversight? Miscommunication between department mangers? I think not! Common sense should dictate what is sellable food and what is TRASH. The bottom line is not always money. In this case the bottom line should be the health of their customers.
Listen up greedy corporate fucks, I'm out there....I'm watching you....and to paraphrase The Dude, "This will not stand!"


  1. nasty stuff!! I'd find a different kroghetto if I were you!

  2. didn't you know "manager's special" is kroghettoese for rotten?

  3. I bought some kabob veggies that were on sale like this at Kroger and they were bad. What a waste of money. They need to just trash this stuff instead of selling it whilst risking customers health. Money talks though I guess.