Monday, April 27, 2009


Fuck & love & love & fuck.
I'm listening but not too hard.
The commericals are exposing themselves to me in my living room,
those exhibitionists.
Would you like a drink?
Let's get drunk and overanalyze Woody Allen movies.
You'd be a smart looking psuedo-intellectual.
For Christmas everyone get's their own t.v. show!
Let's go to the mueseum and really get to know one another.
We could take off our shoes and feel the dark, damp earth on our toes.
Or navigate the ocean with the help of some friendly stars.
Do my eyes tell the secret that I'm drunk?
Is the movie starting yet?
Is this the movie in and of itself?
Don't get too deep,
not everyone can swim with the sharks.
It's a gentleman's agreement to act like a bastard.
Do you want another? One another?
I can't tell if you're pretending to be drunk,
or drinking to pretend.
I'd like to tell you everything;
But what else is there to say?

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